10 tips to get traffic to your blog

Tanvir Hasan
August 24, 2022

A blog has the main impact, this is that it gets qualified traffic to the company's website. In addition, it has a greater viral potential, since a quality post usually ends up being linked and spread through social networks; It helps to give a good image of the company and it usually ranks quite well in search engines if basic SEO rules are followed.

Here we will show you 10 tips to get traffic to your blog

  • Use an SEO plugin to put different titles and meta descriptions on each post. This is essential to get Google to index it well and increases the chances of having a better ranking as long as you use the main concept in the title and description fields, apart from in the main content.

  • In the content of the post, you should leave links that lead to other posts related to the topic of the first one. That is if I write about web positioning and I have a post about SEO tools, I can leave a link in the body of the text that leads to it since there is a relationship.

  • Do not forget to assign tags or labels to each post. Avoid making them very general concepts and try to direct them to the main concept of the article.

  • If you are looking for blogs related to yours and leave comments that add value with a link to your blog or to a post that talks about the same topic, perfect. If you also write quality articles and get mentioned in other blogs, consider yourself a crack.

  • The expansion of the post through social networks and other channels is something basic. It is adding more visits and getting comments. This never hurts.

  • Having an internal search engine that makes it easy to find posts by keywords and that is categorized in a visible way is to provide the user with information. In this way, you will also be able to increase the permanence of the blog of these.

  • Allow the participation of users by contributing ideas, and participating in a survey on a topic that arouses interest and that is related to your business model, that is, let them interact since this leads to repeated visits to the corporate blog.

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  • Discipline is essential in a blog. You have to write frequently and maintain a periodicity since this is liked by users. Articles such as tips for… or ten ways to… usually get a lot of attention from the public.

  • It invites the subscription of a newsletter to remind users of the latest posts published, as well as offering a subscription via RSS.

  • Of course, you have to respond to all the comments that are left, regardless of whether they are positive or not. Isn't it a bit strange to see always positive comments? The discrepancy is okay because it generates attention and makes us all learn. Always polite and respectful, of course, and… left hand.
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